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A Waterfall In A War

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Derek Malloy doesn't like one-size rules, and flying a short field C-7 in 1970 Vietnam is a good place not to. But when he breaks several and lands at an abandoned dirt strip to explore a mountain waterfall, his reasons change. Liet emerges and tells him a story that launches their kindred spirits on a harrowing quest born of a waning war. In the last stand of freelance military flying, in an aviation world the news or Washington never saw, Liet's honor and an ancient gold Buddha ultimately hang in a balance Derek understands...the one where rules lose and humanity wins.


Review by Pat Hanavan [535, 68]

Darlye has written a compelling historical fiction novel which could only be penned by a Bou guy. He captures the beauty of the landscape, the horrors of combat, the insanity of fighting a war with peacetime rules, breaking those rules at times, and the twists of a crazy situation we all saw every day we dragged out of the sack to fly. The characters are his creation, but they seem like people we knew, lived with, and fought with daily as we flew into Special Forces camps, outposts, and remote areas where the Caribou could "strut its stuff." A must read for anyone who remembers the odor of nouc mam, the sight of Montegnards and Cambodian mercenaries, and the craziness of the daily hustle on the ramps of airfields from the DMZ to the rice paddies of IV Corps.

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