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About (Biography)

Daryle was born a child of the Sputnik generation so he dutifully studied math and science but always had a love for writing and logic. After graduating from the University of Kansas with a degree in bio-chemistry he followed his instincts to University of Texas School of Law in 1966.

He suddenly took an interest in flying when Uncle Sam did away with law school deferments in the Vietnam War. If he was going to Asia he’d rather be in an airplane. After all, didn’t the pilots get all the good looking girls? And weren't there plenty there?

            While flying a cargo plane into the remote jungles of Vietnam what he saw and experienced opened the eyes of a street kid from Kansas City.

Finished with the Air Force, he returned to UT Law School and got his degree, then practiced in Houston, all while flying for Delta Air Lines. Law was incidental, flying his passion. The era which most deem its zenith furnishes the settings for his stories; the stories themselves show characters, lives and quests which could only happen in those halcyon days. He believes they never will again.

Now retired, he enjoys traveling and living in Dallas and Austin with his wife, Cindy and their two basenjis, Zulu and Asha.










Born: July 12, 1944, Kansas City, Mo.

B.A., 1966, University of Kansas

J.D., 1979, University of Texas at Austin

Pilot USAF, 1967-1972

Pilot, Delta Air Lines, 1973-2003

Aviation law: Trial/Consulting

Regional Chairman, Air Line Pilots' Association 1997-2001                






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